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The SE Leadership Institute

Amplifying the best practices and brand of Sales Engineering. Equipping the highest performing Sales Engineering community in the industry.


CEO and Founder - he has spent the last 28 years in the technology industry, and has over 20 years of SE Leadership experience creating and leading global Sales Engineering teams including Salesforce, Box, Algolia, Mixpanel, Siebel Systems, and mParticle.  He currently runs the global Field Engineering team at Algolia, and has helped to build some of the most innovative and effective SaaS Sales Engineering management strategies and programs in the industry.  He is particularly passionate about developing leaders to their complete potential.



Justin has spent the last 12+ years in the SaaS and professional services world, and has 5+ years experience in leading technical customer facing teams for both pre and post sales organizations. He currently oversees the global Solutions Engineering team at mParticle and has co founded the SF Bay Area pre sales community in 2015. His favorite aspect of job is advocating the critical role the SE team brings in building and refining an organizations GTM strategy.


Tony Matos is the Founder of L3Leadership, and has spent over 25 years as a presales professional, both as an individual contributor and a manager. Tony has held leadership positions at organizations including SAP, Oracle, SAS and Citrix.

Tony is also the author of the leading book on Proof of Concepts (evaluations) - The Essential Guide to Navigate Your Proof of Concept.

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"Since becoming an SE Leader I've found it very challenging to find a group of peers to learn from outside my organization. By creating an environment where experienced, talented, and humble SE Leaders could gather and share best practices, Stephen and his team provided something I had not yet had access to: meaningful guidance. Over the two day workshop, I learned a lot about what makes great SE organizations flourish and had concrete takeaways and strategies that I could being to implement immediately. In addition, I connected with other SE managers who are experiencing similar challenges and now we have a common place to continue to learn from one another in an ongoing manner. The small class size environment is ideal for SEs who may not have a tendency to always pipe up even if they have great ideas. I would, and already have, recommended this workshop to anyone who is developing an SE organization, you will definitely learn something new!"

—  Nisha Dwivedi, SE Leader, Amplitude Analytics

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