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SELI Consulting and Coaching Services provide assistance to your SE Organization and Leadership at all stages of growth. We will help you assess the state and opportunities within your organization, people, and process, and/or work directly with you to implement or evolve the right programs and policies to success. Our coaching services are unique in the industry as they blend decades of SE Mentorship real world experience with the latest performance coaching principles​, providing simultaneous acceleration in both leadership and knowledge development.

The Sales Engineering role is also one of the most nuanced, encapsulating values that are both art and science, and sometimes at odds: timely revenue attainment and customer trust; scientific solutions showcased artfully, futurist vision-setting with real world pragmatism. Good SE leaders show and cultivate exceptional commitment to domain expertise development and retention of high performing teams, focusing on strategies that are grounded not only in the solution selling process, but that also encapsulate empathy and creativity to deploy the right people and approaches to create success internally and externally.


SELI can help diagnose, prioritize, or help implement high impact areas of growth or development in your SE organization. This fixed fee offering involves cross department and team interviews and surveys across the SE lifecycle, leveraging the precision measurement of importance/impact questioning. Analysis with supporting data documentation is the deliverable.


Coaching of existing SE leaders on advanced SE Leadership approaches and programs. Assistance with situational leadership, manager coaching, and existing or new program management across the full lifecycle of building, measurement, and execution.

"I remember when I was first promoted into an SE management position - I was helped along the way by some amazing mentors, but a structured workshop and community to share best practices across industries didn't exist. Fast forward to 2018, and I had the pleasure of participating in a fantastic SE Leadership Institute workshop here in SF.  This old dog learned some new tricks and I plan on sending any new SE leaders on my team to attend in the future!"

—  Kelly Brazil, VP of Solutions Engineering, Protectwise

SELI will directly assist in the creation, refresh, and implementation of SE Leadership, IC programs and trainings. Some past engagements include:​

Evolution to Solution Selling: Developing the team motions and value assets to move from tactical to strategic selling.

SE Career Frameworks: Reviewing job profile, recruiting strategy, and execution plans for most effective launch of new or expanding SE Teams.

Operating Model optimization: for scale, for global expansion, for segment growth (e.g. enterprise segment).

Playbook Authoring Services: bring disciplines of management into a consistent Playbook and Communication.

Tuning engagement, alignment, and operational strategies with sales and the rest of the company to maximize productivity and minimize conflict.

Strategies for Talent Management and team optimization for retention and productivity.

SE Instrumentation:  Determine the right metrics to measure SE teams from coverage, closure, reporting and representation across the organization. Deal review and CRM strategies are covered.

Career path development, Individual development plan frameworks, compensation plans, and high impact team programs.

Technical Opportunity Management: Technical Opportunity Forecasting and Product Gaps.

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