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I was genuinely blown away by the quality of the training. I took away eight new ideas to implement right away and a bunch of refinements to things I was already doing.  The leader of the training was a VP of Sales Engineering at Salesforce, Box, and Mixpanel, and knows what it takes to succeed. "

Maneesh Bhide, Senior Manager Field Engineering, Databricks


We’ve helped over 100 companies make immediate and long term improvements to their SE teams and individual trajectories, through the industry's leading bootcamps that provide proven best practices and focused networking.

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"The SE Leadership Black Belt Workshop was a fantastic presentation of skills, tools, and processes..."


Gengis Birsen,
Solutions Engineering Manager

As a new SE manager, the black belt workshop gave me the foundations and framework to change the way we do Sales Engineering. Not only the content was of high quality but meeting pairs, exchanging on processes, and current SE initiatives was highly valuable and gave me a lot of new insights into how to improve our existing team. I'd recommend the workshop for any SE Leader with a desire to build better SE teams.


Jeremy Dana,
Team Lead Solutions Engineering

I took the SELI Blackbelt Workshop in March 2021, and it helped me confirm my desire and accelerate my trajectory towards becoming a future SE leader. Stephen and Justin are two excellent teachers who convey the content and context on all facets of the best in class SE Leader: self leadership, organization design, operational execution, and sales excellence. I was really impressed with the focus on self development and emotional intelligence, valuing and driving individual and collective development and growth. The alumni community is also a fantastic asset, to have a group of peers to discuss and strategize on these important domains. I 100% recommend it to any existing or aspiring SE Leaders.


Alexandra Beretta
Head of SE and Success

The SELI Black Belt is an absolute necessity for a first-time manager. I signed up with Stephen and Justin just a few months into a brand new role: building and managing a team of PreSales consultants. At first glance, this seemed like a challenging but not impossible task, “ teach a group of professionals to do what you do and to set them up for success". As I transitioned from a tactical role (hand-to-hand combat on individual deals) into a strategic one (what fighting style does my team need to succeed, how many people do I need, and deployed in what way) it became abundantly clear how much there was to learn. Over an intensive week, Stephen made the most complex operational and organizational concepts digestible, and help build a clear blueprint for my team’s success.  Beyond the immense expertise by the instructors in the workshop, the impact was doubled by learning in groups from other industry leaders. We all represented different companies and skillsets, but I took away so much from everyone else’s experience and strengthened my network and my resources to boot. I would strongly encourage anyone in a leadership function, or looking to be in a leadership function in a PreSales capacity to make sure you take this course.


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