The SE Leadership Institute

Developing World Class Sales Engineers and SE Leaders

After spending over 25 years in enterprise software and 15 years in SE Leadership positions with some of the world's most successful organizations (Salesforce, Siebel, Box, Mixpanel, mParticle), our CEO came to the startling realization that much of the canon on the philosophy and practice of Sales Engineering Leadership in SaaS had never been definitively documented, discussed, or brought to the community at large. Sales Engineering (also known as Customer Engineering, Solutions Engineering, Field Engineering, and many other names) is a critical part of any successful enterprise technology company, and it is our goal at the SE Leadership Institute to bring together the content and the community focus around execution and continuous innovation to ensure the continued growth and impact of this essential craft to both its practitioners, and to the highest performing technology organizations of today and tomorrow.


" If you're an SE leader, you owe it yourself and your people to take this course. It's not just an opportunity to learn and share insights, but you'll leave charting a more deliberate path forward for your organization. At Twilio we're improving our product gaps, vision, and SE rules of engagement as a result of this course, and charting the right course of growth ahead. Thank you Stephen Morse. One of the most practical workplace trainings I've ever been to. "


- Benjamin Smith, VP of Global Solutions Engineering, Twilio

Sales Engineering is a critical part of any successful enterprise technology company, and it is our goal to bring together content and community focus around execution and continuous innovation to ensure the continued growth and impact of this essential craft to both its practitioners, and to the highest performing technology organizations of today and tomorrow. The SE Leadership Institute can help you learn, contribute, and gain the critical knowledge to support your ongoing Sales Engineering success. 

SE Leadership and Individual SE Workshops

SELI offers SE Leadership BlackBelt and SE Individual Contributor BrownBelt Workshops, which deliver the best practices, programs, and strategies directly from the world's most successful SaaS companies. The interactive workshops combine lecture, exercise, and discussion to maximize retention and real world practice across the full operational and organizational cycle of Sales Engineering.  Participants join an alumni network in collaboration with a worldwide presales community for ongoing learning, community, and accreditation. 

Coaching and Support

Your Solutions Engineering organization is one of your most important strategic assets, yet with the pace of growth, innovation, and change, most organizations struggle to properly assess, design, and optimize for the right solution selling outcomes.  SELI has in the past helped individuals and organizations with coaching, assessments, and program support, and has delivered presentations and thought leadership at Technical Summit and Sales Kickoffs.

  • SELI focuses on the whole individual, augmenting deep industry discussions with integral practices on  emotional intelligence and hardiness to increase motivation, performance, resilience, and well being.

  • Teachers are active practitioners of the SE Leadership craft, so have concurrent direct experience with the programs and trends in the industry.

  • The content is continually refreshed with the latest information, solutions, approaches from 100's of the worlds most accomplished companies and presales teams.

"The SE Leadership Blackbelt Workshop provided a tremendous amount of applicable knowledge and value to complement the operations and management of my rapidly growing SE team.""


Owen McClave, Director of Sales Engineering, (now Twilio)