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The SE Leadership Institute

Developing World Class Sales Engineers and SE Leaders

The SELI mission is to accelerate the success of the Sales Engineering community and the impact it delivers across organizations.   Founded in 2016, and built upon 30 years of direct presales experience,  SELI offers workshop intensives, consultation, and coaching, grounded in industry best practices and delivered by members with decades of direct-role experience.

SELI's differentiatiors comes from staff and contributors that are current presales leaders or those with at least 20 years of active experience participating in and running teams with some of the world's most successful organizations (Salesforce, Siebel, Twilio, Google, Oracle, Box, Mixpanel, mParticle, Algolia, Skyflow).  Many of the industry's leading SaaS best practices (product gaps, presales methodologies, organization design, operational cadences) were created and launched in the industry by current faculty.  As a result, the content and programs are proven and documented thoroughly through real world case studies, and remain both relevant and timely to the most recent trends, challenges, and opportunities (e.g. AI tooling and expansion playbooks).   SELI also focuses on holistic approaches, working on building internal resilience and awareness practices through emotional intelligence and mindfulness to complement the core curriculum, leading to better performance and well-being across the board.

We are inspired and passionate about bringing together the content and the community of presales, to ensure the continued growth and impact of this essential craft to both its practitioners, and to the highest performing technology organizations of today and tomorrow.


" If you're an SE leader, you owe it yourself and your people to take the BlackBelt workshop course. It's not just an opportunity to learn and share insights, but you'll leave charting a more deliberate path forward for your organization. At Twilio we're improving our product gaps, vision, and SE rules of engagement as a result of this course, and charting the right course of growth ahead. Thank you Stephen Morse. One of the most practical workplace trainings I've ever been to. "


- Benjamin Smith, VP of Global Solutions Engineering, Twilio

Sales Engineering is a critical part of any successful enterprise technology company.  In today's enterprise SaaS and industry environment, the need to have a high-impact solutions organization is essential to drive success in sales, product roadmap, customer expansion/retention, and innovation.  The SE Leadership Institute helps individuals and organizations to learn, contribute, and gain the critical knowledge to support ongoing Sales Engineering success. 

Delivering the Right Program for Your Needs

SELI offers diverse programs to meet your Solutions Engineering needs.  Workshops for SE Leadership and SE Individual Contributor roles deliver best practices, programs, and strategies directly from the world's most successful SaaS companies, combining lecture, exercise, and discussion to maximize retention and actionability.

Workshops can be tailored to meet specific organizational or individual focus, and customized to dive deeper into specific domains as part of a sequence of events to maximize retention at depth.


SELI consulting and coaching services provide strategic and tactical expertise to help clients assess, build, and achieve program, organization, operation, and sales excellence goals. Programs are designed with specific success outcomes in mind to maintain measure focus, and have had dramatic success at the individual, team, and organization level.


All SELI alumni and customers can opt into a network in collaboration with a worldwide presales community, that provides dozens of shared and updated templates and tools, fostering ongoing learning and community.

Investing in your Teams

Your Solutions Engineering organization is one of your most important strategic assets, yet with the pace of new leaders promotion, growth, innovation, and change, many individuals or organizations might not have had time to accumulate the experiential or programmatic skills to succeed in today's high expectation and rapidly changing environment.  SELI's goal is to invest and accelerate you and your team members to help close these experiential and expansion gaps, enhancing your direct ability to execute and drive success.

Please reach out to us for a exploratory call to see whether SELI can be of service to your Solutions Engineering needs.

We are happy to provide an honest assessment and insight into our or other industry programs that could be of assistance.

Our goal is your acceleration and your success.

"The SE Leadership Blackbelt Workshop provided a tremendous amount of applicable knowledge and value to complement the operations and management of my rapidly growing SE team.""


Owen McClave, Director of Sales Engineering, (now Twilio)

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