Partners and Fellows 

SELI’s mission is to grow the community and practice of SE excellence. To do this we have partnered with some of the leading communities, thought leaders, and technology in the industry.

SaaSy Sales Leadership  is the preeminent SaaS Go-to-Market leadership training organization in the industry, pioneering the delivery of workshop programs with Silicon Valley DNA delivered by practitioners, not trainers.  SELI staff continue to support the SaaSy Sales Engineerting Practice through running private workshops as faculty, and work closely to continue to innovate on integral concepts and delivery approaches.  SSL provides in-house workshops for Sales Leaders, Operations, Channels, SDRs, and other leadership functions.

The Presales Collective  is the largest Global Community of Presales Practictioners in the industry, elevating and recognizing the role and practitioners of PreSales worldwide while providing resources, knowledge, and network to develop impactful PreSales careers.  SELI is an official education partner to PSC, and hundreds of its members, from Founders to active contributors, are SELI program Alumni.  SELI program alumni join a SELI partner group in in the PSC Slack community amongst the worldwide community of practitioners. 

SalesHood is a critically acclaimed Sales Enablement platform built from the most successful practices its CEO built at Salesforce, and is a must have for remote revenue teams, to learn, coach and sell from anywhere and anytime.   SELI delivers components of its workshops in SH, leveraging its innovative approaches to provide certification as well as ensure highest retention and discussion of the content delivered at workshops.  

Thought Leaders and Fellows

SELI is as much a community of Thought Leaders, as the industry is so rich with expertise that fits our constantly evolving industry and craft.  The following are Fellows who have and continue to contribute to SELI content and relevance:

Tristan Tao, Head of Solutions, Iterable:  Value Engineering focus

Joe Casson, Head of Solutions,  CRM and Tools Program Management

Ben Smith, VP of SE, Twilio:  Vision and Organization Design

Matt Cameron, Founder of SaaSy Sales Leadership:  Sales methodology, engagement, and thought leadership

Yuji Higashi, Head of Solutions, Outreach:  Instructional Design

Elay Cohen, CEO, SalesHood:  Enablement Design and Effectiveness

Please reach out to us if you wish to partner with The SE Leadership Institute to learn, contribute, and gain the critical knowledge to support the industry and your ongoing success. 

"The content and experience of the SE Leadership training was world class and provided immediate positive impact.  This course was delivered by experienced leaders who brought current real world scenarios and challenges that SE leaders face to the table. The collaborative hands on approach well exceeded my expectations, and I have already brought several new tactics and programs into to the organization, including: SE Vision and Alignment; Projects Management; Value Engineering; Win Loss Reviews; and Technical Opportunity Forecasting Not only am I a better leader from the immersive two days, but I've also extended my network and have a fantastic group of leaders I can connect with for future support."

— Justin McManus, Head of Sales Engineering, mParticle

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